IATAJ´s Press Releases

IATAJ condemns the attack on Rupavahini

Continuing assassination of the members of TNIC

Tamil Journalist reported missing in Jaffna

Deeply concerned about the arrest and detention

Alleged move to arrest Editor

IATAJ Condemns the devolopement against media

IATAJ Condemns the killing in Vakarai

Destruction of Voice of Tamils Radio Station.

We condemns Sencolai killings by the Sri Lankan Air Force

Condemn threats to tamil journalists 28.07.2006

Condemn the killing of Journalist 03.07.2006

Against UN Human Rights Council menbership. 05.05.2006

Press Freedom Day in Tamil. 03.05.2006

Press Freedom Day in English. 03.05.2006

Declaration about IATAJ in Tamil 14.04.2006

Declaration about IATAJ in English. 14.04.2006